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Pushing out the EBOLA Scourge in effected areas | Liberia NGO Directory Profiles

Pushing out the EBOLA Scourge in effected areas


Many children in Liberia have lost one or both parents to Ebola since the start of the outbreak in West Africa in 2014, it's one of the first obstacles that must be overcome if West Africa is to recover. These children are living with difficulties through the deaths of their mother, father or family members.


Ebola causes severe fever and, in the worst cases, unstoppable bleeding. It is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids, and people who live with or care for patients are most at risk.  People from infected zones were not allowed to carry the virus into non-infected zones.  The Liberian government complained that its citizens were being harassed and stereotyped in other nations following the death in a Lagos hospital of one of its citizens infected with Ebola.


As hope grew in West Africa due to decreasing Ebola infections, there were many obstacles to overcome; devastated health care systems, loss of education and distressed social structures face all those who have lived through the Ebola outbreak. The strongest direction forward requires the participation of all communities to reknit the fabric of the lives and kinship ties that were functioning before Ebola.


Our joint efforts will always contribute to the decline in prevalence to the behavioral changes undertaken by the victims that saves their loved ones and the entire community.