Sector Investment Plan Developed & Lunched


The development of the Sector Investment Plan was guided by the policy and strategy documents that the water sector has produced over the last few years to determine the future direction of the water sector:


  1. The National Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Policy, published Nov 2007, addresses the overall water management issues and sets the policy and strategies against the Government’s overall goals for social and economic development.
  2. The ‘Water Supply and Sanitation Policy’, published Nov 2009, sets out the future institutional arrangements and provide key policy statements in relation to water and sanitation services.
  3. The Liberia WASH Compact: Sanitation and Water for All, published May 2011, sets out a roadmap based on four WASH sector commitments, and related cross-cutting issues. The WASH Compact was signed by the President.
  4. The ‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector Strategic Plan’ 2012-2017, published April 2012, provides detailed guidance to the institutional responsibilities and strategies for implementation of the WASH Compact and the sector policies.