A-Z List of Non-Governmental Organizations

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Foundation for Community Initiatives (FCI)

The Foundation for Community Initiatives (FCI) was founded in 2004 as a community based organization in Grand Bassa County, Liberia, by a group of trained development workers and

Foundation for International Dignity (FIND)

Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) is a pro-democracy and human Rights organization working to promote peace, good governance, the rule of law and access to justice in L

Foundation for Peace Building and Democracy (FOPAD)

The Foundation for Peace Building and Democracy (FOPAD) is a registered nonprofit, non-governmental and non-political organization came into being in June 2010, through the initi

Generational Thinkers

Joe Bar, Old Road, Monrovia.  Generational Thinkers is a Christian youth organization aim at building and strengthen young leaders for global change and strengthen young leaders,


Green Advocates of Liberia

P.O. Box 5643 1000 Monrovia. 3rd Floor, Crown Hill Plaza, Corner of Broad Street and MacDonald Street, Monrovia.

Hembeh Environmental Project (HEP)

The organisation started as a result of some community members who were concerned about eliminating poverty and improving incomes within the communities.

Hope Alliance Liberia

Lee Hill, Johnsonville, Paynesville, Lower Montserrado.

Humanity Development Program (HDP)

Barclay Mission Road, Paynesville City, Montserado County. The Humanity Development Program (HDP) Inc.