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Agricultural Research Consortium (ARC) | Liberia NGO Directory Profiles

Agricultural Research Consortium (ARC)

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Du-Port Road, Paynesville, Monrovia.  ARC is the acronym for Agricultural Research Consortium, none political, non profitable agricultural organization that was established on March 3, 2014 by a Liberian Agriculture Research Scientist David G. Taigbailee while studying for a Master degree in Crop Genetics and breeding at the China Agricultural University in Beijing City, People’s Republic of China. ARC focuses on providing consultancy in various areas of agriculture research in the Republic of Liberia which could lead to improvement in the sector as compare to other developing countries across the globe. The fourteen years civil war in Liberia devastated every sector of the country with the agricultural sector which once served as one of the sources of employment for many local Liberians not being an exception. Currently as the nation in recent times celebrated a ten year of peace, the sector is once again becoming an area of extraction for employment of many Liberians and some foreign national who are residing in the country. However there is not much information on the many challenges faced by sector and the little improvement being experienced in the sector. It is against this backdrop that ARC was founded to serve as link through which the public, the government of Liberia, International Organizations with interest in investing in the Agriculture sector of Liberia, can get useful agriculture research information base on their area interest in the Liberian Agriculture sector.


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Phone:  +231 (0) 886-343-055 / +861 336 614 9096