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Youth Empowerment Initiatives (YEI) | Liberia NGO Directory Profiles

Youth Empowerment Initiatives (YEI)

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SKD Blvd Community, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia.  The Youth Empowerment Initiatives (YEI), formerly the Youth Empowerment Ministries, is a para-church, Non-governmental organization established by called Christian ministers to respond to the problems of youth and young adults. It was founded in 2005 as a result of the devastating plight of the Liberian youth due to the Liberian Civil crisis.  Over the past decades, the youth of Liberia have been forgotten, deserted, and manipulated. It is sad that the youth, who form a greater percentage (65%) of the Liberian population, have not been empowered with knowledge, skills, trainings, and opportunities for productive living (85% unemployed youth). Instead, this group of people has largely been used (manipulated) to fight, destroy, and create havoc to satisfy self-centered interests.  Due to this neglect of such a vital group in the society, Liberia witnessed years of civil war, with a huge number of those taking arms being youth and young people. Today, a very large number of this group is left without the requisite education, training, skills, attitudes, or employment.  YEI believes that had the youth not been neglected, and had the youth been provided empowerment through skills training, peaceful means of resolving conflicts, education, and gainful employment, Liberia would not have witnessed the destruction, looting, killing and division it went through. It is against this backdrop that YEI exists.


Contact person: Rufus N. Mendien (Founder, Executive Director)

Phone: +(231) 886-538-854